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Greg Wright is the founder of Dramatic Insights Ministries.  A writer and ordained minister, Greg is Instructor of English Literature at Puget Sound Christian College, and past President of Redwood Theatre in Redmond.  He also served as adjudicator for Driftwood Players in Edmonds for five years.  He is Senior Editor for HollywoodJesus.com.

Jenn Wright is the other partner in DIM leadership!  Active in the ministry prior to its formal inception, Jenn has become even more integral since her marriage to Greg in 1999.  Jenn works as a Unit Secretary at Riverton Heights' Regional Hospital, and is also a columnist for the After Eden journal at Hollywood Jesus.

The Wrights both hold degrees in English Literature (Greg from the University of Washington, Jenn from Seattle Pacific University) and Theology (from Puget Sound Christian College).  They are members of Harambee Church in Tukwila, Washington, and are proprietors of Hollywood Jesus Books.

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