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... a dramatic spiritual impact in the church and community 

Dramatic Insights Ministries is dedicated to bringing Christians to a fuller, richer
relationship with their Lord, and a clearer understanding of His Word, through
application of the dramatic arts to scripture and its interpretation.


Introduction to This Website

For over fifteen years, Greg and Jenn Wright have been intensely active in ministry through the dramatic arts—first independently, then as partners in ministry, then as a married couple. In 1994, Greg began the organization called Dramatic Insights Ministries.

While the ministry orginally focused on the training of actors, and moved from there into a training program focused on the full breadth of the dramatic arts, of late the ministry has been more focused on writing.

Please enjoy browsing around our website. Get to know our crew, and check out our copier-ready scripts—as well as the small line of plays and resources published through Dramatic Insights Publishers.

And bookmark the News webpage to keep track of everything we're up to!

Ministry Spotlight

A Hazen High School junior jacob.jpg - 10204 Bytes by day and a rocker by night, Jacob Rosok made an auspicious stage debut as the Fourth Knight / Tempter in Murder in the Cathedral. He's also contributed to DIM's productions of Homecoming and The Sign of Jonah, and has worked with World Stage Ministries in Renton. Jacob studies bass guitar and plays in the band Johnny Hero. Catch a gig if you can!

For more profiles, see the DIM Actors page.














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