Big Creek #2

I looked down at my feet
I hadn’t counted on three
Inches of compact snow
There wasn’t supposed to be

One long winded exhale
And then a minded prayer

Oh, but it was beautiful

I listened to my heart throb
Thickly in my neck and
Quickly had enough of that
Best to keep on climbing

I had to be close to the top

Just 500 steps more
I told myself
And fading light
Will force me back

That or my cramping calves

At 200 steps exactly
I passed the confluence cutoff
Another 100 steps on the dot
My stubborn prayer was answered

3 out of 5 hundred ain’t bad

Later that night
Freddy and Francine sang
      If my heart is a garden
         Then I need you to rain
      Why don’t you come on down
         And pour it out on me

Was it you and me
They sang about
Or was it me and God

Does it really matter

Does it

I’m not turning back
There is no turning back

Why would I want to
After all
We might be
300 steps from the top

About Greg Wright

I have worn many hats as a writer and editor over the years. These blog entries will be more akin to the newsletter columns I wrote for Normandy Christian Church and Puget Sound Christian College in the "old days" than my more recent journalistic work at Hollywood Jesus, Past the Popcorn, or SeaTac Blog. They will also be of a more overtly spiritual nature than most of my recent work.
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