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What Was to Become of Me

I am truly befuddled to discover that, amongst the literally millions of words which I have published in one place or another over the last two decades, I have yet to write anything about Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of … Continue reading

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Yes, I May Be Completely Crazy

For the last 23 years I’ve been carrying a story in my head that I’ve only verbally related to a handful of people. To be clear: it’s not a story that others particularly need to hear, because there’s not a … Continue reading

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I Am Here to Kill You

That’s a pretty provocative title, isn’t it? Too bad I can’t take credit for it. John Prince used it for the title of his knockout sermon on Daniel 2:12-23 on September 12.

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Of Dreams and the Interpretation Thereof

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. –Sigmund Freud I guess Freud would have had a thing or two to say to Nebuchadnezzar’s advisers. During John Prince’s message from Daniel 2:1-11 on Sunday, I was struck by the means God … Continue reading

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What’s the Point of Trials and Suffering?

On February 26 at Harambee, Caleb’s message was from Daniel 1:17-21. The sermon was entitled, “Unusual Ability.” The basic outline, according to my notes, was: 1.) It’s not the ability, it’s the gift; 2.) It’s not the gift, it’s the … Continue reading

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